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Companies Going into Crypto, NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse 2023

Jan 08, 2023

Just in case you missed out on our previous article on Companies going web3 in 2022. This article accumulates the news of companies starting their Web3 developments, NFT creations, and blockchain technology usage in the year 2023.

13 Sep 23 Zynga Launch NFTs

Remember the popular games on Facebook like Farmville? Mafia Wars? and more?

Their creator, Zynga, has launched a free-mint 9,999 NFT collection, Sugar Town and the floor price has almost reached the height of 0.4Eth ($600+USD) in less than a week.

The NFT holders will have access to all Zynga games to be released on the platform.

Has the great future of web3 gaming finally started?

Note: Free-Mint means that the NFT is free but you have to pay for the transaction fees.

29 Aug 23 Shopify Partners Solana Accepting Crypto Payments with Solana Pay

Will we see a price reduction for credit card processing? Merchants are definitely hopping on for future currency and reducing costs.

09 Aug 23 PayPal Launched its Crypto US Dollars Stablecoin, PayPal USD (PYUSD)

Definitely good news for web3 as we take another step toward mass adoption.

Upon hearing that it is built on Ethereum, we are concerned with the gas fees. But seems like that will only occur when we are transacting externally out of the PayPal system.

There will be a fee for buying and selling cryptocurrency depending on the amount to be transacted. But it is free to transfer between PayPal accounts.

Source: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees#cryptocurrencies

For more details, refer to the PayPal Cryptocurrency official Terms and Conditions

There are vendors and marketers stories of their PayPal accounts being restricted, so be mindful that PayPal, just like other Stablecoins companies, has the capability to freeze their token assets too.

03 Aug 23 Amazon Partners Polygon Giving NFTs to its Prime Subscribers

Amazon is in the crypto news again after partnering with Avalanche.

This time it's Polygon, the number one business blockchain technology that has partnered with Adidas, Adobe, Disney, Liverpool FC, Meta, NFL, Nothing, Prada, Reddit, SquareEnix, Starbucks, Stripe, and more.

Amazon Prime Gaming is partnering with indie gaming studio Mystic Moose to give away their Melee Mojo in-game NFTs(items) to Amazon Prime Subscribers giving them an edge over non-subscribers.

17 Jul 23 Google PlayStore Said "Yes" to NFT Games

For a big company to make changes usually takes a long time. Remember how then big mobile companies like Nokia, Blackberry, and Motorola couldn't keep up with the iPhone?

With Apple accepting web3 apps and digital assets, it didn't take very long for Google to follow suit...

Source: https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2023/07/new-blockchain-based-content-opportunities-google-play.html

18 Jun 23 EASports Partner Nike DotSwoosh

Just after the news of partnering with EASports, Nike NFTs is in the news again - this time with Fortnite. If you are playing Fortnite but not in Web3 yet, this could be your very first NFT...

02 Jun 23 EASports Partners Nike Virtual Studios DotSwoosh

They announced the new partnership is aimed at enhancing and personalizing the virtual sports experience for fans all over the world. Click here for the full official announcement.

Hopefully this time round, there would really be something for fans all over the world... We are still salty at our previous .swoosh experience after seeing the amazing 3D swoosh animation.