NFT Trading

Beyond NFT Marketplace

Jan 03, 2023 is the most established NFT marketplace like what is eBay for physical products. But like any platform, there are bound to be love and hate stories, especially where technologies are ever-improving.

While there are also other legitimate marketplaces, swap sites, or aggregators being built, there are also scammers trying to lure holders to other suspicious sites that "only they trusted to trade". It might be better to just trade on OpenSEA (Scammers Everywhere Always). Fastest NFT Marketplace/Aggregator, a new NFT marketplace/aggregator launched in Oct 2022 and backed by Paradigm, is one of the fastest aggregators we have seen so far, especially with its sweeping feature.

In case you asked what is an aggregator? It is where you can see and buy NFTs listed on other marketplaces like OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, etc. as shown in the screenshot below:

However, marketplace could be bad for the NFT industry as we can set a 0% royalty fee when listing an NFT, meaning the founders/creators will still have to continue providing value to the new holder without getting any commission for the transaction...

GigaMart - New NFT Marketplace/Aggregator

Introducing a new marketplace/aggregator for NFTs, GigaMart. Built with communities in mind by our no.1 Crypto YouTuber, EllioTrades, and also the CEO of SuperVerse. Check out the video below on how it is better than OpenSea for now...

Our favorite feature is the collection chat where the general public and holders can interact in. There is also a "holders only" section.

Not forgetting Elliot is also the founder of the Impostors NFT collections. A set collection of Aliens, their UFOs, Pets, and more. It also includes a Play-and-Earn Social Deduction Game similar to Among Us.

So it seems like a marketplace war will come soon on the next NFT bull run while they continue building. May the best marketplace win and most importantly users enjoy the experience.