Crypto Crime

Stolen NFTs: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Jun 19, 2023

Recent Exploration on NFT Marketplace, I thought i had found some gems at great bargains... "Finally... i can get into this community with the right NFT at the right price!" - Right price for me would be not being overpriced with the potential of selling it at a higher price in the future in case i want to sell it.

If i were to buy them immediately, i could be in trouble... But if i were to go around fact-checking, someone else could have bought the great offer instead, and i would lose out on a great deal!

But still, i decide to take a look at the marketplace for that particular NFT. The red triangle would tell us sometimes things are really too good to be true... Putting our mouse cursor over the triangle would reveal a message: "This item can't be bought or sold due to suspicious activity."