Crypto Crime

Paid Beta Testing Game?

Oct 14, 2022

I actually came across this scam earlier as one of the NFT creators I knew, fell into this.

He was invited to their Discord and downloaded the "game" .exe file that stole all the passwords that he has stored and got his crypto wallets drained.

Always be careful of files you downloaded to your computer, especially .exe files. Ensure that they are from legitimate sources.

My father isn't tech-savvy and tends to fall for such tricks, installing weird apps on his phone. Those where the ads are "advising" him that there's something wrong with his smartphone be it "The Phone is Slowing Down", or "Out of Memory Warning". Good thing he isn't into crypto.

So be very careful if you happened to share your computer with less tech-savvy family members or friends. One day they might just download something that is not what it is supposed to be...

Stay Safe.