Crypto Crime

Fund Raising Cancer Scam

Jun 07, 2023

Desperate times, desperate measures. As long as scammers can get attention, sympathy, and most importantly money, they will do it. Battling Cancer, and asking for charity is one of the classics in the scammer's playbook - Just google for Cancer Scam and we can find multiple cases.

The sad thing is kind-hearted souls/influencers like Andrew Wang, in this case, get into trouble and spoiled their reputations in the process... "No good deed goes unpunished"?

“I'll put my rep on the line to say this is for real amidst all the scams in our space”

So how real is for real? Most likely the cancer was fake as HopeExist1 deactivated her account. Maybe he or she will be back for another scam one day.

The NFT collection that help her raise 60+ Ethereum (Over $117K), was also stolen art. Easy money for the scammer?

So which story would anger you more? A fake cancer story or an NFT collection of stolen art?

Or... HopeExist1 may even be a guy in 2021... And the girl in the photo could be a random girl with eye surgery. HopeExist1 could even be a group of scammers.

Disclaimer: We did not follow this story closely so we do not know if Andrew follow up with the scammer's art teacher.

This day, with the advancement of Ai, we could even have a "beautiful girl" that doesn't exist... And with the interconnectedness of the internet and web3, two strangers could be talking without knowing a single fact about each other.

But with a number of details, it is still quite possible for authorities to track down the scammer, just that it is usually complicated as it is a transnational crime. Maybe in the near future when crypto mass adoption happens, such regulation will be in full force. Till then.

P.S. Do good if we can and are willing... (At the risk of being labeled stupid, low IQ, simp, and whatever degrading names)

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